Find out more about Francisca Franco Foundation

Francisca Franco Foundation is a charity foundation created on December 23, 1.954, with the purpose of aiding the needy population. Initially, the Foundation had develop socially charitable activities, supplying emergency needs. The produce is part of a historic context of the activities developed in the social care area of those times.
Social Responsibitily when is not assumed turns against us, generating violence, lack of suport and the destructuring of society. It is not enough  to simply point out problems and person's needs. It is mandatory to act, debate and mobilize all people in the quest for solutions that allow the redemption of their values and citizenship.
With this vision, Francisca Franco Foundation reorganized its way of acting in society, and currently maintains the focus of social projects in: women who suffer from violence and violation of rights; and children and yong people in vulnerable and needy situations.

Our mission is 'Empower humans to the full exercise of citizenship, inserting them productively to society'. Our purpose is develop, make possible and execute social projects.

So, now Francisca Franco Foundation has several social projects: 
 - Three units for shertering that integrally meet all the needs of the month populatin of 60 persons: Casa Semeia and Casa Gravataí - for children and youth - and Casa da Mamãe - for women and their children. Promotes socially, protecting the rights of children, youth and women.
 - One unit dedicated to women victims of violence, that develop the Centro de Defesa da Mulher Francisca Franco and Fazendo Moda. Both provide a social service -  to more than 150 women every month with psychological, social and legal service, and profesional training.
 - Developement of complementary projects. One focused in training our professional team and the other focused on monitoring the development and process of family reintegration of children and youth. 

All social projects are for free, planned for public service, with a competent team, and dedicated to those in need.